Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 14

After a chilled out day in budapest, we set off to vienna via bratislava in slovakia.  Didnt seem to be much going on there so we rode around the town back into austria.  Weather has certainly gotten cooler and the petrol stations are much more western with mini markets etc.  Eastern European petrol stations are much more like the old english ones that sell a few car parts and maybe some cold drinks.
On the way to slovakia,  we stopped for fuel.  I headed over to a green pump as id been doing all this trip and filled up.  As I finished, the petrol attendant came running over babbling in hungarian and looking distressed pointing at the petrol.  Turns out id filled up with ethanol.  
Not knowing what that was, I googled and discovered its 85% alcohol.  Ooops. Nobody spoke english so I googled a bit more to see if my bike would run on it and/or damage it if I used it.  Seemed to get mixed opinions so not wanting to take the risk in a foreign country, we decided to take the tank off and empty it in a nearby field and refuel.  Fortunately, we'd had to take tank off before leaving to fit usb charger so it wasn't so painful. Thanks mat!

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  1. Oh boy - that sounds fun! Hope you guys are staying safe; great to see you in Budapest